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Multiple Intelligence International School

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Team Members:

  • Andrew Adarna
  • Jerika Alarilla
  • Katherina Dy
  • Noah Eugenio
  • Kayla Fabi
  • Miguel Gamboa
  • Vincent Pascual
  • Luis Puno
  • Romeo Rosales
  • Elijah Salvador


  • Christine Magpile


  • Daniel Dy
  • Rolendes Fabi
  • Rafael Gilberto Rollan
  • Emerito Pascual
  • Christine Magpile
  • Ma. Carissa Bernardo
  • Kristine Elona
  • Mikaela Eleazar

 About Multiple Intelligence International School

The Multiple Intelligence International School (MIIS) was founded in 1996.  It is the first educational institution in the Philippines that has based its approach on the multiple intelligence framework of Harvard-based cognitive psychologist, Howard Gardner.  MIIS is a progressive international school that offers programs from PreK-12.  As a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), we are committed to being a premiere international institution that embodies best practice and global trends in education.

The Multiple Intelligence International School (Grades 9-12) founded in 2007 aims to develop individuals who are equipped for the demands of the 21st century through their leadership and the development of the entrepreneurial, creative and scientific mind. It aims to successfully transition young adults into career paths that hone their different intelligences and strengths, as well as prepare them to be global citizens.

As the first Multiple Intelligence School in the Philippines, it has been our advocacy to educate children to “use their intelligences to make a difference.”

GEC Background

Multiple Intelligence International School was First Runner Up for the country leg and also the Asian leg in GEC 2011. In GEC 2012, the school was the champion for the county leg, and therefore the country representative.


  • Street: 3rd Floor, Elizabeth Hall, Katipunan Avenue
  • City: Quezon City
  • Country: Philippines

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