Important: The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) will not be running in 2017.

Conalep Ciudad Azteca

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Team Members:

  • Brenda Abigail Rivera Valdez
  • Marco Antonio Pérez Fajardo
  • Marisol Santiago García
  • Rodrigo Rodríguez López
  • Sofía Delgado Rodríguez


  • Erika Zamora Hernández


  • Norma Acosta Martínez
  • Irene Contreras Abonce

About Conalep Ciudad Azteca

Conalep Ciudad Azteca was founded in 1978, by decree of President José López Portillo of the National College of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP).  We are committed to the training of professional and technical school graduates highly competitive, educated in civic, institutional and sustainable human development values.

The school has quality facilities; we have four laboratories fully equipped, physics and mathematical areas, an audio-visual library, parks and sports areas.

GEC Background

This is Conalep Ciudad Azteca first year competing in the GEC.


  • Street: Entre Tenoch y Boulevard De Tonatiuh And. Fuego Nuevo
  • City: Aztec City
  • Country: Mexico

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  • Erika Zamora

    Erika Zamora

    21 June 2014 at 00:42 |

    It was a good experience for both the students and teachers who participated, the application of different skills of students for a particular subject and with limited time, I help them motivate their creativity.

    Thanks for invitrnos to participate.


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