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Professor Dr. Werner Nell

werner nell
Professor Dr Werner Nell was born in St. Goar (Rhein). He studied Mathematics, German Studies, History and Sociology and Comparative Literatures in Mainz, Frankfurt (Main) and Dijon.  Since 2002 he is tenured professor of General and Comparative Literature at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg. He also works as an Adjunct Associate professor in Hungary and at the Queen’s University in Kingston ON (Canada). He has working experience in teaching (at vocational school), lecturer at different schools and universities, writer and redactor (e.g. Brockhaus Encyclopedia), in social research and visiting professor in Hungary, Russia, and Canada.

Since 1992 he has been on the executive board of the managing committee for the Institut für Sozialpädagogische Forschung Mainz e. V.

His main topics of research are Migration research, comparative culture analysis, theories of culture, Enlightenment culture and culture transfer. He published in the fields of cultural and literary history, comparative analysis and sociology. Qualifications: He first degreed in 1977. His second diploma he did in 1979. After obtaining his doctor in 1985 he habilitated in 1995.