Important: The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) will not be running in 2017.

Terre Rouge State Secondary School

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Team Members:

  • Vishnu Ramadoo
  • Bryan Lebon
  • Mohammad Hossen-Buccas
  • Heman Sookun
  • Mathieu Moussa
  • Devashis Bissoo
  • Pitish Kowlessur
  • Nischay Gaya
  • Gawtam Moty
  • Tessen Mauree


  • Bernard  Long
  • Sadesh Ramruttun

About Terre Rouge State College

Terre Rouge State College (T.R.S.S.S) started its operations on 8th January 2000. The initial intake was 230 Form I students who were ranked in between 2000 to 3300 in CPE examinations. It is a boys’ college. The present Rector is Mr. Jeeawody and the Deputy Rector is Mr. Jagessur. This year, the school population consists of 619 students and 60 staff. Classes range from Pre Vocational to Higher School Certificate. Subjects offered vary from Science, Technology, Literature, Music, Physical Education, Arts, Social Studies to Asian and Modern languages. All commodities and facilities are available to make the life of students at TRSSS pleasant both pedagogically and socially. The students come from the suburbs of Port Louis, Terre Rouge, the Northern and even the Eastern regions of Mauritius.

GEC Background

This is the first year students from TRSSS are taking part in the GEC.


  • Street: Royal Road
  • City: Bois Pignolet
  • Country: Mauritius


  • Telephone: 248 4052
  • Fax: 249 2325

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