Important: The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) will not be running in 2017.

Doshisha International High School

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Team Members:

  • Konatsu Nagai
  • Rio Yamaoka
  • Tomohiro Shimada
  • Haruka Enokido
  • Saki Itagaki
  • Yumi Kikuchi
  • Haruna Kono


  • Kunitaka Kawai

About Doshisha International High School

Doshisha International High School (DIHS) was founded in 1980 as an accepting environment for returnee students. DIHS helps to continue nurturing the abilities students acquired abroad. By sharing their own unique experiences and ideas, students create a place where they can learn not just from their teachers, but also from each other. The wide variety of backgrounds from around the world is what creates the distinct and unique color of DIHS.

GEC Background

Doshisha International High School has taken part in the Global Enterprise Challenge national competition nine times, and has participated in the global competition six times as the Japanese representative team. In 2010, our team took second place and was awarded the Creativity Prize. In 2011 we were consecutively awarded the Creativity Prize. Last year the Doshisha International team's work was considered the best out of Japan, ultimately inviting them to Germany (Euro Hub). The same students, over the last academic year, motivated the juniors and sophomores to participate in this years challenge. They paved the way and proved to us how much Doshisha International students were capable of. Not only this but they taught us the importance of challenging our selves and to reach further and not wait for good things to happen. Our rich history in the GEC and inspiring upper classmen is what gives us the edge and motivation to work hard and challenge ourselves to participate in the GEC.


  • Street: 60-1, Tatara Miyakodani, Kyotanabe-City
  • City: Kyoto
  • Country: Japan


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