Important: The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) will not be running in 2017.

Obchodní Akademie, Praha

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Team Members:

  • Jakub Třeček
  • Kateřina Bílková
  • Klára Šulcová
  • Markéta Petrásková
  • Jaroslav Barták
  • Nikola Šlabjarová
  • Simona Pánková
  • Tomáš Linger


  • Ing. Petr Klínský


  • Ing. Petr Klínský

About Obchodní Akademie, Praha

We are an economically focused high school. The school was founded in 1965 and we have 480 students aged between 16-20 years. We are very successful in typing and we have received many medals at the world championships in last 8 years.

GEC Background

Our school competes in many kinds of challenges, for example - typing, Language Olympics, sport competitions and economics. These competitions are usually at national level except for typing. We would like to try and compete at higher level.


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