Important: The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) will not be running in 2017.

Obchodní Akademie, Písek

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Team Members:

  • Viktor Klochko
  • Anna Rysulová
  • Jana Kašparová
  • Lucie Jakubovičová
  • Anna Klímová
  • Dominik Bína
  • Jan Radoš


  • Hana Svobodová


  • Josef Kostohryz

About Obchodní Akademie Písek

Our team is from the Czech Republic which is situated in the heart of Europe. Our country has 10 million inhabitants and our wonderful capital city is Prague. We come from Písek, a little town in South Bohemia, where we study at our high school – Obchodní Akademie (Business Academy).

We are the students of the third grade and our studies are focused mainly on macro and micro economy, accounting, law and English language. We are preparing for a business and financial career and therefore we hope our participation in the GEC can improve our abilities and gain knowledge as well. We also hope it will bring us precious experience in competing with students from different continents.

GEC Background

This is the first time Obchodní Akademie, Písek is participating in the GEC.


  • Street: Čelakovského 200
  • City: 397 01 Písek
  • Country: Czech Republic


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