Important: The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) will not be running in 2017.

Mianyang Dongcheng International School

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Team Members:

  • Yue Li
  • Jingyi Li
  • Jiapeng Yang
  • Yufei Deng
  • Yaxin Tan
  • Zhiyao Sun
  • Zuojie Liu
  • Yuwen Yan
  • Zixu Wang


  • Miao Yue


  • Bo Li
  • Jiachen Liu

About Mianyang Dongcheng International School

Mianyang Dongcheng International School is the most famous private school in Mianyang City, the China Science and Technology City. Combined with primary and secondary education together, the school devotes itself to cultivating students with comprehensive abilities, world view, and Chinese spirit. Through 15 years’ effort, its Junior Middle Department has been regarded as the top one in Sichuan Province, and its Senior High Department has been considered as the top three.

Chengdu No.7 High school is one of the first key high schools designated by Ministry of Education of China. It is considered as the top high school in Sichuan Province. Chengdu No.7 High school is well-known across the country for its high quality education and good academic performance. It is one of the four "National Model High schools" in China.

GEC Background

Although we have heard a lot about GEC before, it is the first time for all of us to take part in GEC. With the same hope of studying, discovering, and enjoying, we all will try our best and try hard to treasure the experience of business and management.


  • Street: Yuanyi East Street, Fucheng District
  • City: Mianyang City
  • State: Sichuan Province
  • Country: China


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